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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Level II dual port Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) are located on Parking Lot D across from Facilities Management loading dock for CSU campus users and visitors. The station will allow simultaneous electric charging of two vehicles. The station is part of the ChargePoint Network. The hourly charging rate is $1.05 for the first three hours and $3 per hour after 3 hours, with a maximum of four hours usage time allowed. The fee increases after two hours to encourage customers to move their vehicles so that other customers can access the charging stations. All users may utilize the map and download Mobile App at f to determine if the chargers are currently in use.

Electric Vehicle Charging Program

  • Customers are asked to park at charging stations only during an active charge. Once the charge session is complete, vehicles must be removed from the charging station spaces, so that other customers may use the chargers. Vehicles parked in EV charging spaces for over four hours are subject to fines by Clayton State University’s Department of Public Safety.
  • Rates and conditions may be subject to adjustment based on analysis of received data.
  • Clayton State faculty, student and staff must complete and submit the ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RELEASE form to the Department of Public Safety, prior to usage of the EVCS.
  • Clayton State faculty, student and staff may email with any questions and concerns regarding the station.