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Student Organization Resources

Student Organization Suite

Your student organization has access to the student organization suite which includes printer access, a resource room, study room, and meeting rooms.

How to reserve a study room or meeting room in the Student Organization suite: Visit the Campus Life office suite located on the 2nd floor of the Student Activities Center to make a reservation. Reservations cannot be scheduled in advance.

Leadership Training and Development

Council of Student Organization Leaders, CSOL
Student Organization Handbook
Student Leadership & Involvement Awards, SLIA

Annual Requirements

  1. Identify a new officer board in accordance with your constitution
  2. Attend the annual RESET Training
  3. Register your organization in Loch-N (Presence)

How to Create a Student Organization

  1. Define the purpose of your student organization
  2. Recruit 5 members (current undergraduate or graduate students)
  3. Attend RESET Training for student organizations and executive board members
  4. Create a Constitution & Bylaws for student organizations
  5. Identify an advisor for the student organization (*Advisors must be full-time faculty or staff)
  6. Register your student organization in Loch-N (Presence)