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Paid Private Tutoring

Paid Private Tutoring

Private tutors for college, high school, and middle school courses.

The Center for Academic Success can make referrals to trustworthy, highly qualified, private tutors that can help with K-12 subjects as well as Math prep for exams like the Accuplacer, GRE, and the GACE. These tutors are either current or employees of the CAS, or previous employees who have graduated or transferred. 

Hourly rates and schedules are independent of the CAS and determined by the tutor. The Center for Academic Success is not responsible for the payment of or services provided by private tutors. 

If you are a Clayton State University student, we encourage you to try our free tutoring services - appointment tutoring, supplemental instruction, and academic coaching - offered through the CAS, before requesting a private tutor. 

Once you submit your request using the online form (in the link below), your submission will be reviewed and distributed to the appropriate recipients. If you do not receive a response from a tutor, please email

Request a private tutor

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