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Dream Makers Initiative

Dream Makers Scholarship Brochure
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Dream Makers Scholarship Initiative

As state and local support for higher education continues to decline, our students are being stretched by increasing educational costs and the need to “make ends meet.” To attack this ongoing challenge, a working group of University officials representing the Clayton State University Complete College Georgia Initiative, financial aid, the honors program, and development came together in the spring of 2013 to identify specific areas of need and explore possible funding solutions.  As a result, Clayton State University is proud to launch Dream Makers: A Scholarship Initiative for Clayton State University.

How great is the need for Dream Makers? Last year, 78% of our students demonstrated need with 6,000 students receiving some sort of aid (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.). However, 69% of these students still have unmet need. On top of this number are the dollars that students take out in student loans or earn by having more than one job in order to make their dream of becoming a college graduate a reality.

Dream Makers is a multi-faceted approach to helping those students who are either high achievers, are close to completing their degree, or both. If you'd like to become a Dream Maker, please make a gift to the Dream Makers Initiative today!.

Dream Maker Scholarships (Goal: 25 scholarships)

With a commitment of $1,000 per year for two years, these scholarships will be carry the name of the donor and may have certain broad selection criteria established by the donor. Each scholarship will be given to one student, and the donor and student will have the opportunity to meet at the annual scholarship luncheon held each spring.

Loch Leaders Investment Fund (Goal $25,000 or 50 donors of $500)

This fund will recognize high achievers – those full-time students with a GPA of 3.5 or greater who demonstrate unmet need. Priority will be given to continuing students, new freshmen, returning students, and transfer students. 

Donors can become a part of this group by making a commitment of $500 a year for two years. A select group of students will be designated as Loch Leaders each year.  These students will have the opportunity to meet with the donors to this fund at the annual scholarship luncheon held each spring.

Laker Completion Grants (Goal $50,000 from many donors)

For so many of our students, they are the first in their family to attend college. Actually completing their coursework and receiving their degree is an incredible accomplishment and many times is postponed due to family situations, work demands, and, very often, financial challenges.  The Laker Completion Grants will impact those students who are near degree completion and demonstrate unmet need. Priority will be given to those closest to completion with unmet need and a GPA of at least 2.5.