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History in Spain & Morocco

Information is subject to change between now and the programs departure date.

Check out our Spain & Morocco study abroad video here to see what to anticipate with this exciting program!  Please make sure you login with your Clayton State username and password to see the video on Microsoft Stream. 

Departs in May 2024

“Explore these fascinating countries with us that offer stunning sites, great history, and lots of fun!” – Dr. Andrew Kurt, Program Director for Spain & Morocco 2024

Study Abroad Program Information for Program Applicants

Visit the Maymester Application Process for Study Abroad web page linked below to get started on your next steps.  Review the required documents that program applicants must submit for the study abroad program.

Apply Today before January 22, 2024

Spain & Morocco Application Process Website

UPDATE as of 9/21/2023 - Routine processing is 10 to 13 weeks and expedite processing (for an additional $60) is 7 to 9 weeks. These times can vary, please see the Passport Agency's website.  Not including snail mail for delivery sending the passport to the Passport Agency and receiving the passport once it's ready.  

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR STUDENTS WITHOUT PASSPORTS OR EXPIRED PASSPORTS:  If a student has not applied for a Passport before Monday, January 22, 2024, and if the Passport will not arrive by February 12, 2024, the student is no longer eligible to attend a study abroad program for the current year due to the extensive deadlines in place with the Passport Agency.  See our Passport website and the U.S. Passport Agency's websites for helpful tips and next steps below. 

U.S. Passport Agency Operations Website

Clayton State Study Abroad Passport Website

Passport 101 Student Edition & Tips Sheet

Learn more about the Pre-Departure Orientation for the Spain & Morocco program by visiting our website and registering for the event!

Register before February 1, 2024

Pre-Departure Orientation Website

Learn more about the Spain & Morocco program payments and other information on our program fees page.

First Payment due Monday, January 22, 2024

Start making program payments as early as October 18, 2023*.

*This date may be subject to change. 

Spain & Morocco Program Payments Website

Student's planning to attend a Clayton State study abroad program, must make their program payments to the Bursar's office.  

Learn more about how to make payments for your program on our website.

How to Make Program Payments to the Bursar's Office Website

Review our study abroad program requirements to learn more. 

Study Abroad Requirements Website

A few important tips, students should meet the following general requirements to be eligible to apply for a program.

  1. Must be 18 years or older to attend a study abroad program.
  2. Must be in Good-Academic Standing with a  GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  3. Currently have or in the process of obtaining a Passport for international travel.

Review over these helpful resources for your upcoming study abroad program regarding Entry & Exit Requirements, COVID-19 abroad, health information, and more!

Study Abroad Resources Website

Hear from our students who have attended at Clayton State study abroad program by checking out our testimonials page!

Study Abroad Testimonials Website

Students that have pending financial aid and have not made a payment or the final payment should note the following information. It is essential to ensure students that have financial aid understand they are still responsible for making payments towards a study abroad program for a future semester. Students, as well as the program directors & advisors, must ensure and are aware that while the account balance may be covered the student should still remit payment to satisfy the trip requirement as any financial aid funds will not be available until after the spring and/or summer semester has begun.

If students have questions about their Financial Aid disbursement, contact the Financial Aid Office and/or the Bursar Office to understand how your aid works. Each student’s account is confidential and will only be discussed with the student directly. The Study Abroad Office does not have access to this information and is unable to assist with this information. Meeting with the Financial Aid Office is an imperative part of the study abroad process, which is why it is mandated as part of the Course Selection Form.

Tuition and fees are separate from the study abroad program cost.  Learn more about these fees on our website.

Maymester Tuition & Fees for Study Abroad Website

Learn more about the ETIAS Visa Waiver for Spain by visiting our web page below.

As of 1/24/2024, this visa will not apply for our 2024 programs heading to Europe.  This visa process will not start until 2025.  Here is an article discussing this change for the ETISA visa.  

Students attending a program this year will not have to worry about this step.  

ETIAS Visa Waiver for Study Abroad Website

Reach out to the Study Abroad Office or the Program Director to learn more about this exciting program by visiting our contact page for Program Directors.

Study Abroad Program Directors Contact Info Website

Program Information:

Destinations: Spain and Morocco

Area of Study: History

Term to Study Abroad: May-Term 2024. The study abroad program will depart during the Maymester period between the Spring and Summer semester. This period will not interfere with Spring and Summer course schedules. Please note that the coursework associated with the Maymester study abroad trip takes place throughout the first short session of Summer semester. The trip dates are part of the course for the first short summer academic session.

Program Dates Abroad: May 6-18, 2024

Program Type: This is a faculty-led program with a Clayton State faculty member.

Program Fee (see below for what is included and excluded from the program fee): $3,380.00

Courses Offered:

  • HIST 4800 Selected Topics in History
  • MALS 5800 Selected Topics in History

Credit Hours: 3 credit hours per course. One course, per student, per program.

Majors: BBA, Business, History, or English majors may be eligible to take one of the courses offered. Speak with your Academic Advisor to learn more if one of these courses will meet your graduation requirements. Other majors should speak with their Academic Advisor to determine where one of the program courses will work with your graduation requirements.

Program Description:

Visit two exciting countries (& continents - Europe & North Africa!).  A unique opportunity to experience historic sights, amazing panoramas, and modern-day cultural echoes of medieval Spain and its coexistence of three religious populations, as seen in a convenient loop through central and southern España and set in context through readings, discussions, and on-site lectures. This course is meant to immerse you in the many worlds that have been part of pre-modern Spain, the first country with a world empire. A side trip to Morocco will offer a vista of an exotic destination still brimming with the evidence of its importance in the medieval and early modern eras.

Participants will leave the evening of May 6, 2024.

What is included:

  • Includes roundtrip airfare from Atlanta
  • Ground transportation in and between both countries of Spain & Morocco
  • All lodging (please note that students will be at double occupancy per room)
  • Most meals; all breakfasts and either lunch or dinner each day
  • Sight/museum entries
  • Student program fees also include faculty travel costs.
  • Emergency medical insurance with CISI
  • You will board with your classmates in moderate to nicer hotels, double occupancy. We will spend one or two nights in the places where we tour.

What is NOT included:

  • ETIAS Visa Waiver Fee (Travel Permit) - This fee may range at about $10.00, however it is subject to change. 
  • Some meals
  • Optional weekend excursions
  • Clayton State Tuition & Fees: Tuition is separate from the study abroad costs and other associated fees. To learn more about tuition costs and fees, visit the Bursar's Tuition website to learn more
  • Passport/Visa fees*
  • Meals on travel days
  • Personal expenses (including self-pay tours)
  • Healthcare Clearance Form (physician and medical fees*)
  • Travel interruption insurance (learn more about Travel Insurance)

Estimated Costs:

  • Note that your program fees and tuition are separate costs.
  • Program fees are the fees that pay for what is included in the program costs.
  • Prepare for spending money and for additional meals.
  • Speak to your Program Director for more details.

Academic Course:

  • Once students have made their second program payment, the Program Director will begin enrolling students in the study abroad course.
  • This study abroad program will provide students with one academic course that offers 3 credit hours towards a student's graduation requirements.
  • Students must be registered as part of the academic course in order to attend the program.


Non-Credit Seeking Students, Alumni, Spouses, and Children are restricted from attending a study abroad program at Clayton State University, which is in accordance to the University System of Georgia (USG) regulations. Only credit seeking Clayton State students are eligible to attend a study abroad program.