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CSU Service Excellence Projects

CSU has participated in service excellence initiatives since 2007. Below is a list of our current and past initiatives. For more details, click the project name. 

Year Project Owner Project Name
FY18 Counseling and Psychological Services, LakerCard Center, and Dining Services

Campus Meal Share Program

Provide meals for students with food insecurity issues. The campus community (faculty, staff, and students) would be encouraged to donate a meal or two from their meal plans into pool of available meals.

FY18 Center for Advising & Retention and Office of Career Services

Academic Advising & Career Services Collaboration

Improve the system for identifying and referring students between the Center for Advising & Retention and the Office of Career Services.

FY17 Enrollment Management

Strategic Communications Unit

Use the Strategic Communications Unit to proactively reach out to current students regarding significant deadlines to ensure they are aware of key dates and actions they need to take. The main goal is to improve student retention and graduation rates.

FY17 Marketing and Communications

Website Health Checks

Implement quarterly website health checks to improve the user experience in terms of accessibility and accuracy of content displayed on the university's website. Provide training and education to all content editors to better maintain their web pages.

FY16 The Film and Digital Media Center

Digital Film Technician Training Program

Document and demonstrate Digital Film Technician student/alumni achievements in the film industry- a field identified in the Governor's High Demand Career Initiative. Also identify opportunities for innovation and collaboration to develop and sustain curricular and occupational outcomes.

FY16 Student Affairs

Campus Information & Visitor Services

Ensure that everyone who stops by any centralized information area on campus receives accurate information in a timely and courteous manner from our specially trained student employees. In doing this, we help to increase and strengthen the university's mission and values related to active community engagement in two ways: first by providing information about Clayton State University to anyone who comes to our information centers for help, and second by creating a setting for our student employees in which they can develop and hone workplace skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

FY15 Office of Development and Financial Aid

Scholarship Accessibility

The Office of Development will focus on scholarship support as a key initiative during the year with a goal of significantly increasing the dollars raised in support of scholarships (need-based) in particular.

FY15 Academic Affairs and Student Affairs

The EDGE: Exploration Discovery Goal-Setting Experience

The EDGE is a targeted approach to increase student participation in experimental learning opportunities. Through a series of projects for each classification level, students will be exposed to and given opportunities to participate in career-development opportunities that lead to their being prepared for participation in internships and other experiential learning options. Infusing Career Services' function into the curriculum ensures that each student will be exposed to the critical knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that employers seek.

FY15 Academic Affairs

Student Success Collaborative (Part 2)

The Student Success Collaborative (SSC) uses predictive analytics through research and historic academic data to provide institutions with insights on factors that may hinder student success and degree completion. Each student is provided with a risk level of red, yellow or green which is used to determine the urgency needed to directly assist each student. This new model, with the current advising tools we use, and the addition of the SSC will increase the likelihood of students graduating on time with a degree that suits their skills, interests, and aptitude.

FY14 Academic Affairs

Student Success Collaborative (Part 1)

The Student Success Collaborative (SSC) uses predictive analytics through research and historic academic data to provide institutions with insights on factors that may hinder student success and degree completion. The SSC will increase the likelihood of students graduating on time with a degree that suits their skills, interests, and aptitude.

FY14 The Loch Shop

Textbook Price Comparison

New online textbook price comparison tool implemented in the bookstore will provide price transparency by allowing students to compare prices from over a dozen vendors, thus helping to support textbook affordability. This tool also provides the capability to do dynamic pricing which will allow the campus store to maintain competitive prices.

FY13 Enrollment Management

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers will be selected from the group of students enrolling at Clayton State University for the Fall 2012 semester. They will be asked to provide feedback 5 or 6 times in the 6 to 8 weeks prior to classes beginning in August. The survey will be made up of questions from most of the departments that the students may be in contact with (e.g., Financial Aid, Bursar, Orientation, Health Services, etc.). The program will provide feedback on the "onboarding" process for new students, and how well the various student support offices interact with each other to meet the student's needs.

FY12 Dining Services, Loch Shop, The Hub, and Rec & Wellness

Mystery Shopper Programs

Develop several department-level Mystery Shopper programs that will each use individual customer experiences to provide in-depth, qualitative feedback to supplement existing customer measurement tools. The departments that will develop programs are:

Dining Services: that focuses on the dining experience in the Lakeside Dining Hall.

The Loch Shop (University Bookstore): that focuses on the retail shopping experience.

Recreation and Wellness: that focuses on the Student Activities Center Fitness Center experience.

The HUB: that focuses on experiences with maintenance and repairs of computers and related applications.

FY11 Campus-wide Initiative

The “Art of Exceptional Customer Service” Employee Training

A subcommittee of the USG Customer Service Team developed a customer service employee training program that included videos from the Governor’s training program for all state employees. As a result, the videos only included scenarios from other state entities. To make the training materials more relevant to a campus environment, a subcommittee of the CSU Customer Service Team worked with multiple departments to create four before-and-after videos of various scenarios involving the “right and wrong” way for an employee to assist a customer on our campus.

FY10 Customer Service Committee and Human Resources

Implement Employee Satisfaction Survey

This initiative will be a partnership between the customer service team and the Human Resources Department. Research shows that there is a positive correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction because employees who are satisfied in their jobs provide higher levels of customer service. We plan to determine the primary drivers of employee satisfaction at the university, prioritize areas needing improvement, and develop action plans to address these issues.
FY09 University Relations & Office of Information and Technology Services

Enhanced Information on new Web Portal

Improvement of availability of online departmental information and resources through the use of new university web portal. The goals of this project are to provide consistent and accurate online information to students in a more user-friendly manner, and for front-line employees to be able to access online departmental data and resources more easily in order to improve customer service by reducing wait time, misdirected calls, and "run-around".

FY09 Customer Service Committee

“Ask Me” New Student Greeting Program

Student workers will be stationed in high-traffic areas around campus for several days before and after the start of each semester to help direct new students to get to the various offices and stores on campus, as well as to their classes. Greeters will wear bright orange T-shirts that have “Ask Me” written on the front and back, and they will be asked to approach students who appear to be lost and provide campus maps as needed.

USG Service Excellence Program