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Loch'd In

Welcome, New Lakers! As you finish your checklist and register for classes, work on becoming an informed and engaged member of Laker Nation.

Before Classes Start

Get familiar with campus and student support services. Learn to navigate the school website. Stay up-to-date with campus events and deadlines. Find your peers and get involved around campus.

1. Get Familiar, Get Ahead!


Navigating a new website can be challenging at first, but don't worry.  There are several resources to help you quickly access the information and apps you need to thrive as a Laker. First, take the time to familiarize yourself with the different Offices and Departments on campus, or utilize the A-Z Index to discover valuable resources.

Also, no matter where you are on the school website, you can always find the "LochNet" page and the site's Search tool in the top right corner. Use them to easily and quickly:

  • review the latest campus announcements.
  • find the University Calendar to keep up with events on campus.
  • monitor important deadlines for course registration and tuition/fee payment.
  • access featured apps and links.
  • reach out to the HUB, the library, and the many other support services here to help you succeed.

Get acquainted with LochNet, Clayton State's intranet and central hub for campus announcements, featured apps, and essential links that you'll use every day as a Laker, including:

  • Account Manager, which is used to activate your student account and change your password
  • Digital University Campus Kiosk (DUCK), Clayton State's Banner Web portal where you will manage everything for your student account from registering for courses, updating your contact info, to managing your financial aid awards, and paying your tuition and fees each semester.
  • Clayton State Email (Outlook), where you'll receive all of your school-related messages. Start checking your inbox regularly as soon as possible.
  • Desire2Learn Online Classroom aka (D2L), where you'll monitor assignments for your current classes and access your course syllabi.
  • Class Schedule, where you can view current and upcoming course offerings at Clayton State each semester.
  • RollCall, where you'll manage your attendance for in-person courses.

College classes can be tough. Ensure your success with Clayton State's academic resources. Stay on top of your grades with the GPA Calculator. Keep up with course offerings.

Be proactive and visit offices, such as the  Center for Academic Success, the Writers' Studio, the Library, and the Center for Advising and Retention, each semester.

Tools for Success

Investing in your education is how you will make that dream of yours a reality. As you learn more about the cost of attendance, keep in mind the differences between tuition and financial aid.

Tuition & Costs

The Bursar’s Office can answers questions about tuition & fee rates, billing, account balances, and refunds. Another way Clayton State supports our students’ dreams is through access to a tuition payment plan. Contact the Bursar's Office for more information.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

To help mitigate costs, students can apply for aid based on merit or need. Visit the Office of Financial Aid for information about applying for and receiving financial aid, such as scholarships, loans, and grants.


Campus Life & Career Services

There's more to college than assignments and deadlines. Get the most out of your Clayton State experience. Make connections with peers by joining a student organization  or volunteering. Gain career insight and work experience through mentorships, internships, and workshops. Maintain a healthy work-life balance with exercise and outdoor adventures.

Learn more about Campus Life, Career Services, and Recreation and Wellness.


After a day of classes are over, there’s nothing better than coming to a place where you can study, socialize, or rest up from the day. Clayton State offers fully furnished residence halls with suite-style rooms to create your personal home away from home.

Learn more about University Housing.


As a Clayton State Laker you can:


Getting Around Campus

Whether you're looking for a quicker route to your next class or wish to know more about campus buildings and parking, you can find more information and an interactive map at Maps & Directions.

Get ahead! As soon as you have your class schedule, map your route around campus to make sure you're on time for your first day of classes. If you plan to commute to campus, visit Public Safety to learn more about vehicle registration and parking.


2. Explore YOUR Community.

Find Your Fit

Review and join student and community organizations. Now is the time to find your fit. What clubs and hobbies do you want to join? Surround yourself with the people and activities that will help you to grow into your best self.

  • Follow the campus groups and offices you’re interested in on Campus Life and LochNet.
  • See what’s happening nearby – Clayton State is located in Morrow and closely tied with Lake City, Forest Park, and Atlanta. See what’s happening nearby and get involved.
  • Connect with university groups and departments at events or on social media.


3. Connect, Engage, and Loch In!

Stay In the Loop

  • Most of your time on campus will involve communicating with professors, campus office representatives, and other students. Stay informed about campus events and alerts, as well as any updates to your classes or student account when you:
  • Need help getting your computer college-ready? Visit the HUB, Clayton State's premier IT helpdesk, for in-person or virtual assistance.
    • The HUB can help you
      • reset your login name and password
      • setup multi-factor authentication
      • download important CSU software
      • connect to the campuses' wireless network
      • troubleshoot hardware problems on your laptop
      • and help resolve campus software and application issues.
    • The Hub is located on the first floor of the University Center but feel free to call or reach out via Microsoft Teams.

Look the Part, Be the Part

  • One thing you'll learn about being a Laker is that we love our orange and blue. Grab your Laker Nation swag from the Loch Shop.
  • Use the University Events Calendar to plan your social activities, and attend at least one campus event this semester.
  •  Explore campus life and career opportunities:
    • Looking for mentorship?  Consider the Laker Link Program or Clayton State student groups like Laker Orientation Leaders and Laker Navigators.
    • Be the change you want to see. Take on leadership opportunities with groups such as Student Government Association and the National Society for Leadership and Success.