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Accounting, Business Law, Economics, and Finance

The Department of Accounting, Business Law, Economics, and Finance is dedicated to providing students with the foundation for careers in business, economics, law, public policy, and regional development.

In addition, we provide those students who are interested in continuing their education in graduate school with a strong foundation to successfully pursue a Master’s or Doctorate.

Dr. Reza Kheirandish Professor of Economics and Department Chair, Accounting, Business Law, Economics and Finance

Dr. Khamis Bilbeisi Professor of Accounting

Kate Cotter-Reilly

Ms. Kate Cotter-Reilly Lecturer of Accounting

Dr. Iryna Hayduk Assistant Professor of Economics and Director, Center for Research on Economic Sustainability & Trends

Brian Hunt

Mr. Brian Hunt Lecturer of Economics

Dr. Chen-Miao Lin Professor of Finance

Dr. Lawrence Menter Senior Lecturer of Legal Studies

Dr. C.R. Narayanaswamy Professor of Finance

Dr. Adel Novin Professor of Accounting

Dr. Lou Orchard Associate Professor of Accounting

Russell Spears

Mr. Russell Spears Lecturer of Economics

Dr. Jesse Zinn Associate Professor of Economics