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Over Awards Information

An overaward occurs when the financial aid a student receives exceeds the unmet financial need and/or cost of attendance.  While the Financial Aid Office is not able to over award a student when packaging the initial award, circumstances may change after the financial aid is awarded that results in an overaward.  For example, a student may receive private scholarships, Clayton State scholarships, athletic scholarships, military benefits, third-party payments, etc. after the initial financial aid packaging.  When an overaward situation arises, the Financial Aid office must adjust the student's financial aid.  In some cases, a student may be required to repay funds, such as loans, due to the loss of eligibility.  The Financial Aid Office will notify the student if their financial aid package is adjusted via the Duck and/or Clayton State email. 

Students should inform the Financial Aid Office of any third party sources or waivers that they will receive to pay their tuition, fees, etc.  This information is needed so that it can be added into the student's financial aid award and adjustments made accordingly.