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Summer Financial Aid

Students who are awarded for Fall and Spring Semesters must request to be reviewed for financial aid for Summer Semester.  Students who want to be considered for financial aid for Summer Semester will need to complete a survey via the DUCK. This survey will be available when you log on to the DUCK in early Spring Semester. Once you complete the Summer survey, it will no longer be available in your message portal. The processing time for the reviewing of Summer financial aid eligibility will take up to 4 weeks. After eligibility has been reviewed, notification will be sent via email, and you may view your awards on the DUCK.


  • Students who have borrowed their maximum loan amounts during Fall and Spring Semesters according to their grade level will not be eligible for additional loans funds for Summer term.
  • Students who have received their maximum Pell Grant eligibility during Fall and Spring Semesters or have reached their Pell Lifetime Eligibility Usage of 600% will not be eligible for the Pell Grant for Summer Semester.
  • Eligibility for Zell Miller, the HOPE Scholarship and HOPE Grant must be reviewed at the end of every Spring Semester in order for eligibility to continue.
  • Students must be meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy at the end of Spring semester to be eligible for financial aid for Summer term.