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Studio reservation is required to ensure you, or your organization are entitled to use studio space. Studio reservations will be approved by the Department of Campus Life and Spenser Emerson (Associate Director of Recreation & Wellness) based on availability. Reservation requests should be submitted 10 days prior to the date of reservation. Department of Recreation and Wellness programming takes priority regarding Fitness Center space use. Studio reservation is first come, first serve to those who have completed the appropriate space reservation procedures and been approved by the Department of Campus Life.

The schedule for each studio will be updated automatically when a reservation is complete. All SAC (Student Activities Center) and Recreation & Wellness staff members will have access to this schedule. A portable stereo is available for your use; however, you must make arrangements to use the stereo with Spenser Emerson (Associate Director of Recreation & Wellness prior to your reservation time.


All currently recognized Student Organizations are required to reserve the studio spaces in Presence (Loch-N) as well as Astra and wait for approval from the Department of Campus Life.


  • All SAC Fitness Center policies apply to the studios.
  • A shirt with straps no smaller than two fingers and that covers the midsection must be worn at all times.
  • Shorts / sweats. Waistband must remain at your waist at all times. Shorts must be long enough to cover the buttocks and the upper thigh. No jeans, cargo pants, street clothes, or cutoffs permitted.
  • Non-marking athletic shoes/slippers must be worn. No cleats, boots, heels, dress shoes, or flip-flops permitted (except in Yoga or Pilates classes). Canes or other implements may not be used.
  • Participants must sign in prior to the beginning of each class with their Laker ID.
  • Entrance to classes will start 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class time. Participants should remain outside the door until everyone from the previous class has exited.
  • New Cycling participants are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior to class in order to learn proper bike set-up.
  • Excessive baggy pants and long skirts are not permitted in cycling classes, however, cycling shoes may be worn.
  • Equipment (Stability balls, dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.) should remain in the studio and be returned to its appropriate location.
  • Injuries and facility or equipment irregularity should be reported to Recreation & Wellness staff.
  • Studio lights must remain on at all times. Do not flick lights on and off.
  • Sanitize all equipment with disinfectant bottles after use.
  • Large stereo is for Group X use ONLY. Recreation & Wellness staff ONLY may monitor the stereo and television.
  • Objects may not be thrown unless supervised by Recreation & Wellness staff.
  • Remain 5 feet from wall mirrors.
  • Studio users assume financial responsibility for any damages caused to the studios.
  • The following are PROHIBITED in the Group X studios:
  • Children under the age of 16
  • All cell phone usage
  • Food, gum, or colored beverages
  • Yelling, profanity, or fighting
  • Personal belongings on the floor
  • Dropping or slamming of weights
  • Use of equipment or barbells for purposes which it is not intended
  • Smoking, tobacco products, or other recreational drugs
  • Propping doors open when the studio is closed or opening emergency doors when no emergency occurs

*All studio rules are subject to interpretation by Recreation & Wellness professional staff.