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Student Leadership & Service

Becoming a leader takes commitment to be responsible to your fellow peers and to better the Clayton State campus. That’s why we’ve created leadership development programs to prepare students to become leaders.

Through these programs, you will be exposed to leadership styles, theories and models, while being challenged to think critically about your own leadership potential. You'll learn how to apply leaderships skills in your academic life, co-curricular activities, and subsequent career endeavors.

Our leadership development programs enhance student leadership abilities by providing educational and experiential learning opportunities that foster personal commitments to:

  • Civility: A personal commitment to treat people fair, polite, and with respect.
  • Social Responsibility: A personal commitment to ensure the well-being of people and the public good.
  • Teamwork: A personal commitment to cooperatively engage in group decision making.
  • Ethical Decision Making: A personal commitment to make honest, respectable, and moral decisions with integrity.

The leadership development programs have adopted five main principles for leadership development. It is our intention for students participating in our programs to:


  • Connect with other students, faculty, and staff; 
  • Engage in activities that permit students to utilize their leadership skills; 
  • Develop their leadership style and skills with ethical and intentional support; 
  • Enhance their leadership skills through practice and resources; and 
  • Nurture students’ self-awareness, life and educational goals, and definitions of success.

Leadership Development Programs

National Society of Leadership and Success - A collegiate leadership honor society for students meeting specific criteria. Membership gives students special benefits, including exposure to the world’s most successful leaders, leadership certification, an exclusive online job bank, and many more privileges.

Power Up On Leadership - Online web presentations designed to meet the individuals’ unique needs.

Student Leader/Organization of the Month - Student Leader and Student Organization of the Month is awarded to students who have gone above and beyond in their leadership roles, commitment to the university, and demonstration of student involvement & engagement.

Student Leadership Development Day - Throughout the semester, these days provide our student leaders with opportunities to enhance their leadership and transferable skills; to measure their growth and development; and to apply learned skills in various situations and contexts.

Student Leadership and Involvement Awards - Annual awards ceremony that recognizes student leaders and organizations for their contributions to campus and the surrounding communities.

Student Leader Stipends - Awarded to designated student leaders of specific organizations.

For more information about leadership development programs, please contact the Department of Campus Life at