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Resources for Current DRC Students

Students who have completed the DRC intake process and have been approved for accommodations can make their semester requests using the links below:

Accommodation Letter Request

  • Accommodation letters must be requested EACH semester you are enrolled and wish to utilize accommodations.
  • Accommodation letters should be sent to professors according to the instructions that accompany your letters no later than the second week of the semester.

Schedule an Exam

Alternative Media Request

  • Students with an approved accommodation for Alternative Media/Textbooks should make their requests as soon as they are registered for classes for the upcoming semester.  Please refer to the Alt. Media Procedures, which can be found here: Alternative Text Format

Accommodation Review Request

  • Student who wish to request a new accommodation or a possible adjustment of current accommodations must submit a completed accommodation review.  
  • Please note: additional documentation may be required to support the request.

Key differences between disability accommodations in High School versus College

A tool for parents and students to reference when navigating the transition from high school to college for students with disabilities.

Download tools for parents and students

Tips for Communicating with Professors

A helpful handout to assist students with effectively communicating with instructors about accommodations.

Download tips for communicating with professors