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Laker Nation Parents

Step-By-Step Guide for Parents of Laker Nation Students

We know you are committed to the students' success.  Here you will find steps and tips to support the student.

Welcome Parents!  Now that your student is going to college there are a few things you may need to know about Financial Aid, Cost, and FERPA.

Learn more about Financial Aid

Learn more about Cost


Your student has certain rights regarding their education records when beginning attendance at a post-secondary institution, or upon reaching the age of 18. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records and transfers the rights regarding those records to the student.

FERPA Policy

Apply for Financial Aid by submitting your FAFSA

Now that you know more about financial aid, help your student get started.  Apply today.

Learn more about FAFSA

Clayton State University federal school code is: 008976

If you need assistance, we are more than happy to assist.

You and your student will need a FSA ID to sign the FAFSA.  You will also need the FSA ID for a Parent PLUS Loan, if you choose to apply for the Parent PLUS Loan.

Learn more about Parent PLUS Loan

HOPE Scholarship

Transfer students should submit a HOPE Request Form requesting to have your eligibility reviewed after you have submitted all prior transcripts during the admission process.

Students are randomly selected for verification.  You can support them by helping them submit the required documentation.

Documents needed are posted to your student’s DUCK Account.  Check within 3-5 days of completion of FAFSA. 

Once the FAFSA is in, and the required documents have been reviewed your student should be awarded. Review charges and funding for your student.

Refunds are issued by the Bursar’s Office.

Learn more about refunds


Parents can help their students by committing to:

  • Help their student file their FAFSA on October 1st each year for the following school year.
  • Review balances with students before each semester to ensure that there is a plan in place to cover any money owed to the university.