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About the College of Health

The College of Health is where health science and caring for others come together.

It’s where your dream of helping people, saving lives, and educating citizens becomes real in top-ranked programs. And it’s where medical and wellness professionals of the future practice the latest evidence-based treatments and techniques in advanced labs and simulations.

From nursing to dental hygiene to health management, and beyond, the field of health care is large and fast growing. There’s a need for people with enthusiasm, compassion, and sharp skills and competencies. Our experienced faculty will help you become one of those people, assisting you in gaining the knowledge base and hands-on practice you will need to keep pace with advancements in medical treatments and technology, and to make the biggest difference.

The mission of the College of Health is to improve the health of our communities through the provision of excellent health professions education to a diverse range of students while benefiting our communities through service, active engagement, and research. 

The College of Health aspires to be a leader in student career success by providing state-of-the-art, high quality, innovative, and creative health professions education.

Honesty—COH faculty and staff behave ethically and take responsibility for their attitudes, actions, and results.

Openness—COH faculty and staff support open, honest, and authentic communication.

Creativity—COH faculty and staff embrace change and identify new opportunities for solving health care problems for stakeholders.

Inclusion—COH faculty and staff treat all with respect and work together in a spirit of professional inclusiveness, collaboration and teamwork.

Improvement—COH faculty and staff strive to continuously improve the learning experience for students.

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