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College of Health Faculty Directory and Research

Dental Hygiene faculty

Naquilla's headshot

Dr. Naquilla Thomas
Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene

Gail Barnes' headshot

Dr. W. Gail Barnes
Associate Professor of Dental Hygiene

Ximena Zornosa's headshot

Dr. Ximena Zornosa
Professor of Dental Hygiene

Health Care Management faculty

Marcy Butler headshot

Dr. Marcy Butler
Assistant Dean of Healthcare Professions
Chair of Health Care Management
Associate Professor, Health Care Management

Ron's headshot

Dr. Ron Fuqua
Professor of Health Care Management

Deborah Gritzmacher's headshot

Ms. Deborah Gritzmacher
Senior Lecturer of Health Care Management

Joey's headshot

Dr. Joey Helton
Assistant Professor of Health Care Management

Margaret's headshot

Dr. Margaret McAlister
Lecturer of Health Care Management

Thomas McIlwain's headshot

Dr. Thomas McIlwain
MHA Director and Professor of Health Care Management

Kendolyn Smith's headshot

Ms. Kendolyn Smith
Associate Professor of Health Care Management

Kendolyn's headshot

Dr. MeriBeth Stegall
Associate Professor of Health Care Management

Scott' Stegall's headshot

Dr. M. Scott Stegall
Associate Professor of Health Care Management

Health and Fitness Management faculty

Harry Chung's headshot

Dr. Hae Ryong "Harry" Chung
Program Coordinator and Associate Professor, Health and Fitness Management

Dalynn's headshot

Ms. Da’Lynn Mills
Delta Air Lines Atlanta, GA, Wellness Coordinator

Dalynn's headshot

Ms. Sharrell Porter
Piedmont Healthcare, Exercise Physiologist

Reginald's headshot

Mr. Reginald Porter
Manager, Delta Air Lines Fitness Centers

Melanie Poudevigne's headshot

Dr. Melanie Poudevigne
Professor, Health & Fitness Management

Stephanie Vasquez's headshot

Ms. Stephanie Vasquez
Athletic Trainer, Children Healthcare of Atlanta

School of Nursing faculty

Kimberly's headshot

Dr. Kimberly Campbell
Assistant Professor

Elicia's headshot

Dr. Elicia  Collins
Interim Assistant Director, School of Nursing

Annettee's headshot

Annette Crew-Gooden
Clinical Assistant, Professor

Han's headshot

Han Dong
Clinical Instructor

Lisa Eichelberger

Dr. Lisa Eichelberger
Professor Emeritus

Victoria Foster's headshot

Dr. Victoria Foster
Director, Undergraduate Nursing Program

Angela's headshot

Angela Hollis
Clinical Instructor

Crystal's headshot

Crystal Marchant

Rebecca's headshot

Rebecca Morgan
Associate Professor

Michelle Nelson headshot

Dr. Michelle Nelson
Director, Graduate Nursing Program

Comfort's headshot

Dr. Comfort Obi
Assistant Professor

Michael Scott's headshot

Dr. Michael Scott
Director of Accreditation and Assessment

Lisa's headshot

Dr. Lisa Smiley
Assistant Professor

Tamara's headshot

Tamara Thompson
Assistant Professor

Sharon's headshot

Dr. Sharon White
Assistant Professor