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Housing Meal Plans

We know that you have different class schedules and eating habits than your peers. After all, you’ve got challenging classes, jobs, and campus activities to worry about.

Clayton State offers a flexible, streamlined choice of meal plans. These plans are designed to fit a wide variety of class, work, and weekend schedules while providing access to satisfying and nutritious food just about any time you need a bite.

Laker Hall Residents

All Laker Hall residents are required to purchase a semester meal plan from the list below.

A meal plan must be selected in the housing contract and the meal plan charge will be reflected on the students university account.

Semester Meal Plan Choices for Fall 2023/Spring 2024

Meal Plan Meals per Week Included "Dining Dollars" Cost per Semester
Blue Plus 19 $50 $2,193
Blue 19 None $2,143

Days of Service

Meal plan pricing is based on 112 days of meal service per semester including both full and partial service days. The first meal served for fall semester will be dinner on Monday of move-in week. The first meal served for spring semester will be dinner on the Wednesday of move-in week. The last meal served each semester will be lunch on the last day of final exams.

No meals will be served during Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving break, Spring Break, and on some official campus holidays.

Reduced service hours may apply on days when there are no classes but the University is open. Please note: Residential students in Laker Hall will automatically be charged for a meal plan on their student account. If no meal plan is selected on the Housing contract, student will be assigned the Blue meal plan.

Meal Plan Use

Meal plans are to be used only by the student purchasing the plan and are accessed with the student’s LakerCard. Meals plans are not transferable and cannot be shared with another student.

The meal plan week runs from Friday through Thursday. Meal plans are limited to one visit per meal period, and weekly limits reset each Friday. Semester meal plans are given five (5) guest meals per semester and may be used at the meal plan owner’s discretion.

Meal Plan Changes

Meal changes are permitted during the first two weeks of classes. First change is free; subsequent changes will be assessed a $25 fee payable at the time of the request (not billable to the student account). No plan changes will be allowed after the second week of classes.

Dining Dollar Refunds

Unused Dining Dollars from fall semester carry forward to spring semester. Unused Dining Dollars at the end of spring semester will be refunded to the student account. If a debt to the University exists on the student account, the debt will be satisfied, and any remaining credit balance of $10 or more will be refunded based upon your refund preference through BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Issuance of refunds may take up to fourteen (14) business days.

Laker Village Residents

Laker Village residents are not required to purchase a meal plan but are encouraged to purchase a plan for their convenience. Laker Village residents may select one of the Semester Meal Plans above or one of the plans listed below. Residents can select a plan on their Housing contract or purchase a plan at

Voluntary Meal Plan Choices for Fall 2023/Spring 2024

Voluntary Meal Plans Meals Dining Dollars Cost per Plan
Block 25+ 25 $75 $268.00
Block 50+ 50 $100 $467.00
Block 75+ 75 $125 $661.00