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Study Abroad

While at Clayton State, we encourage you to become a global citizen through international study. The experience gives you a chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds and supplement your classwork in foreign countries.

Whether it’s learning a new language, traveling to a new destination, experiencing a different culture or enhancing your resume, our study abroad programs offer a life-changing experience that shapes your education long after you return home.  Take a look at how students can study abroad. 

Spring Semester 2020 Programs

Global Health in Greece

Explore global health in the ancient and noble country of Greece. On this program, students will have the opportunity to visit the Greek CDC and other selected health care facilities in Athens. This incredible program provides students with the opportunity to experience ancient Greek sites as well as an overview of transcultural nursing practices and global health. Register for this study abroad program

History in Italy

Our ten-day stay in Italy will form the cornerstone of our spring semester course on Italy's Long Globalization. By visiting sites such as the Coliseum, Forum, Pantheon, and The Vatican in Rome, students will see and experience first-hand the near-global character and impact of the Roman Empire. Register for this study abroad program

Business in Greece

While visiting the fascinating country of Greece, students will study the impact of the economic crisis that the country experienced several years ago. In addition, we will visit the new businesses that were created as a result of the crisis; along with visits to archaeological sites. Register for this study abroad program

Maymester 2020 Programs

Biology in the Bahamas

Enjoy daily shallow water snorkeling along pristine and isolated beaches while studying on a tropical island with virtually no tourist impact. On this program you will experience the diversity of coral reef fish and marine invertebrates, participate in hands-on field studies in tropical ecology, and hike through inland forests and coastal marine habitats -- all while earning biology credit! Register for this study abroad program

Teacher Education in France

Join us on our journey to Paris, France! In this exciting course abroad, students will explore the historic and current multicultural struggles in France and the United States. Specifically, students will examine how the education of students from linguistic, religious, and cultural minority groups is transmitted and transformed in school contexts and beyond. Register for this study abroad program

Business in Holland

Holland or otherwise known as The Netherlands is a European country known for its flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills, and cycling routes. Come join us as we explore global business at its best with the College of Business faculty! Register for this study abroad program

Film Documentary in South Korea

This unique study-abroad experience immerses CSU students in the history, culture, and filmmaking of South Korea. This is an amazing opportunity to share a cross-cultural learning experience with students from South Korea while learning to make documentary films. Register for this study abroad program

Food Chemistry in Costa Rica

Experience chemistry in action! Join us as we will learn about the chemistry of processing foods such as coffee beans, cocoa beans, and even pineapples. You will also discover the history and culture of making chocolate; visiting a Pineapple Farm and many other exciting highlights during this wonderful experience! Register for this study abroad program



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