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Financial Aid & Scholarships

There are many financial resources for students studying abroad. The Clayton State Study Abroad Office has compiled a sample of funding opportunities that are available to students looking to pursue their education abroad. For questions about the information provided, please feel free to reach out to the Study Abroad Office and/or Financial Aid for assistance.

Financial Aid

Students at Clayton State University may be eligible to use their federal and state financial aid, including the HOPE scholarship, to cover the study abroad academic course components with a study abroad program. It may also be possible to use institutional aid; check with a financial aid officer to know what type of aid is available for you.

If students are looking to utilize Financial Aid, the Study Abroad Office requires that students refer to the Course Selection Form to help determine if the academic course meets student’s graduation requirements and how to determine what aid will apply to your program of interest. Their are several specific Course Selection Forms. If you have any questions about which form is right for you, inquire with the Study Abroad Office or during your advising appointment.

Students planning to study abroad who are on financial aid should visit the Financial Aid Office early to complete any necessary documentation. We recommend that you plan how you will use the yearly distribution of financial aid.

We recommend that students refer to their Fall and Spring Financial Aid refunds when paying for their study abroad programs. Summer financial aid reimbursement will be too late to cover your program fees for students attending a Maymester program. Please schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Office for advising in regards to any questions or concerns about your disbursement.

To access the following resources, please login to the Study Abroad Application Portal with your CSU username and password.

Financial Aid Facts to Know

Types of Financial Aid

Study Abroad Scholarships

The links provided below are just a sampling of some of the many resources that are available to assist students who may desire to pursue studies in a foreign country. We recommend that students also search for viable scholarships or funding that might be within your immediate network such as clubs, organizations, work, religious organizations, and more!

To make study abroad a financially feasible opportunity, consider scholarships, fundraisers, and save wherever and whenever you can! Many study abroad programs have established scholarships; ask the Study Abroad Office if they can recommend any applicable scholarship(s). Carefully select a program within your budget or a budget that can be achievable and that will not burden you financially.

Studying abroad often entails additional expenses that students may not have considered. Abroad programs have extra expenses such as airfare, accommodations, transportation, course materials, and more, which can make it a greater financial commitment than anticipated. Some features are included in a program and some are not. So make sure you are determining those expenses up front when determining the cost of a program. Students who are considering studying abroad should research through the array of financial assistance resources or scholarships that may be available to help some of the costs associated with studying abroad.

The Study Abroad Office recommends that students view the worksheet, How Much Money Do I Need for My Study Abroad Program?, this document will assist with breaking down the costs associated with a study abroad program and will assist with other associated costs.

We also recommend that you consider completing this form to understand the cost of your program. Some scholarships want to know the cost of your program especially if you are requesting a certain amount from the scholarship organization to fund your program. This form will aid in explaining those costs.

To access the following resource, please login to the Study Abroad Application Portal with your CSU username and password.

How Much Money Do I Need Worksheet

We recommend visiting the Clayton State Writer’s Studio for assistance on editing and improving your scholarship essay(s) before submitting the essay with your scholarship application(s).  

They are a free resource on campus and will be able to assist with helping you craft your essay. 

Also, check out our resources below and find our PDF document, Scholarship Application - A Focus on the Scholarship Essay, in our Scholarship Resource Documents tab below, where we help break down how to craft your scholarship essay if you need some help getting started.  

Inform the Study Abroad Office when you have submitted a scholarship entry for external study abroad scholarships (outside of Clayton State University).

  • The Study Abroad Office may need to verify and approve the funds with the Financial Aid Office. If you do receive a scholarship, the Financial Aid Office and the Study Abroad Office may need to coordinate with the organization providing the scholarship to approve the scholarship application as part of the application process.
  • Keep each department (FinAid and the Study Abroad Office) notified when you have submitted external forms, so that we may keep an eye out to verify your application entry.
  • If you have any questions about these steps first research the process with the organization awarding the scholarship, if you have any questions for the Study Abroad Office and the Financial Aid Office, please reach out to us as well so that we can see if we can be of assistance.

Check out these helpful scholarship resources to aid in locating additional scholarships, what to know when you are applying for a scholarship, what to know when crafting your scholarship essay, and resources on funding a study abroad program.

Scholarship Information Sheet

Scholarship Tips for Students

Scholarship Application - A Focus on the Scholarship Essay

Fundraising Study Abroad Tips Flyer

Honor's Society:  Are you an Honor's student?  Check with the Honor's Society to see if they are offering any study abroad scholarships for the year and what their requirements are to apply for this scholarship.  

STARS Scholarship:  The Clayton State Study Abroad Office offer's a study abroad scholarship to student's applying for an internal study abroad program.  Visit the STARS Scholarship website to learn more about this opportunity.  

Financial Aid Office: Learn more about the different types of aid opportunities with the Financial Aid to see if one of these options may be applicable to you and your study abroad program.  

U.S. Student Programs Fulbright Scholarships Award
Varies but comparable to a Graduate Stipend
Eligibility: must be a U.S. Citizen with at least an undergraduate degree prior to commencement of program. Must be in good academic standing and have undertaken higher education in the U.S. May not have resided in host country for more than six months prior to commencement of program. For more information and to apply please visit: Fulbright Website Keep in mind that the application process may take several months, so you will want to begin the process by the beginning of the summer (a year and a half before you wish to be abroad.)

Boren Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarships
The David L. Boren National Security Education Program Scholarship (NSEP) is a federally funded study abroad scholarship designed to encourage career-related skills development in preparation for efforts/activities that would lead to opportunities in federal service. Award: Up to $20,000 depending on duration and cost of program
Eligibility: U.S. citizens enrolled in U.S. institutions of higher education wishing to study outside of the U.S. in non-traditional locations (see website) during their undergraduate studies. For more information and to apply, please visit: Boren Awards Website

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Award
Up to $5,000
Eligibility: Must be an undergraduate, recipient of the Pell Grant, and studying abroad on a program. Check your Eligibility here. For more information visit: Gilman Scholarship Website, Gilman Application, Gilman Scholarship Program
Deadline: Review the Deadlines and Timelines here.

Rotary Scholarships Award
Up to $25,000
Eligibility: must have completed up to 2 years of college-level coursework, or equivalent professional experience
Deadline: up to a year and a half in advance For more information visit: Rotary Scholarships

Oslo Application

The Norwegian Rotary Advisory Board in partnership with GRSP extends a scholarship annually to three Georgia college students to study in Norway as part of their International Summer School for June 27-August 22, 2022.

The deadline to apply December 31, 2021 through the GRSP website.

  • Nominees will be reviewed and winners will be selected by a committee of GRSP Trustees in each District.
  • Open to undergraduate and graduate college students who have completed their sophomore year, ages 20-24, single, in good health and academic standing plus willing to serve as an ambassador for Georgia Rotarians.
  • Scholarship includes air fares from Atlanta to Oslo and return to Atlanta, one weekend excursion (administered by the University of Oslo), room, board and administrative fees for the International Summer School at the University of Oslo.
  • Scholarship recipients must pay their travel expense to and from Atlanta, plus provide their own personal spending money.
  • Requirement informational flyer and application are now available online: Oslo Application

Study abroad programs may seem expensive but with time, budgeting, and planning, students can succeed with paying for a program by doing one or more of the following:

  • Applying early to a program will allow more time to look into resources and review your options.
  • Research to see if you are eligible to use federal student aid and/or federal grants.
  • Do you have a 529 college savings account? If so, see if you can use those funds to study abroad.
  • Don't forget to research viable scholarships!
  • Research to find a private study abroad loan with an organization. Search for an organization to find the lowest rates for private student loans.
  • Consider taking up a part time job to pay for your program expenses and other needs for the program.
  • Plan ahead! Start working and saving now for a program. Consider saving one to three years in advance.
  • Choosing an inexpensive destination is also a great way to save money on a program. Some countries are more expensive than others.
  • Consider crowdfunding! These days, there are ways to raise money from your network to help you pay for your study abroad program. Your friends and family might be able to chip in some funds to help you meet your financial goals. Check out resources like GoFundMe, DonateKindly, Kickstarter, or other alternative fundraising platforms to raise money.
  • Do you use VA Education Benefits? Check to see if there are any financial resources for you with the Clayton State Veterans Resource office for a study abroad program.