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COVID-19 Campus Information

Updated September 2023

The newest COVID-19 booster vaccine approved this month by the FDA and the CDC will not be available on campus. University Health Services was pleased to offer previous versions of the vaccine but will not be able to offer the latest version. It is available at most retail pharmacies for those with health insurance. For the uninsured and the underinsured, local health departments are the recommended option. The Clayton County Health District will soon have it in stock which is nearby to campus for those needing a low or no cost option.

Locate a vaccine location.

Free COVID-19 self-test kits are available in University Health Services (UHS) and at the Information Desk on the lower level of the University Center for students, faculty and staff. UHS no longer tests for COVID-19. Work and class excuses are not provided by UHS for COVID-19.

Those testing positive for COVID-19

Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 whether they have symptoms or not should isolate away from others for five days; day one is the day after the test. Isolation may end after five days if there has been no fever for 24 hours without medicine and if symptoms have improved. There is no need to test again if five days have passed, if there is no fever for the prior 24 hours without medicine, and if any symptoms experienced have improved. Read additional information

Those exposed to COVID-19

Anyone exposed to COVID-19 should watch for symptoms for ten days but may continue their regular activities; day one is the day after the exposure. It is safest to wear a mask during the 10 days period. If symptoms arise, get tested. If there are no symptoms after five days, a COVID-19 test is recommended. If a COVID-19 test is positive, follow the 5-day isolation noted above for those testing positive. If the test is negative, continue to monitor for symptoms for another five days.  Read additional information.

Students should inform their instructors by email of their condition. Faculty and staff should inform their supervisor of their condition. Faculty and supervisors should demonstrate appropriate flexibility with students, faculty and staff who need to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19 in the same way they would have accommodated ill students, faculty, and staff before the pandemic.

Faculty are not required to record lectures or class meetings but may choose to do so. The method or approach to providing content and makeup work for the student is at the instructor’s discretion.

Supervisors may allow staff to telework temporarily, if feasible, while ill. If teleworking is not appropriate to the job responsibilities, sick time or vacation time should be used in accordance with existing time and attendance policies. Supervisors should consult with Human Resources for any questions about teleworking or pay practices.

Students who reside in campus housing should isolate as noted above when testing positive for COVID-19. Separate accommodations for isolation or quarantine are no longer available in campus housing.