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Faculty Directory

Dennis Attick

Dr. Dennis Attick
Assistant Dean

Romesa B. Davis

Dr. Romesa B. Davis
Assistant Professor and Director of Field Experiences

Erica Dotson

Dr. Erica Dotson
Professor of Teacher Education and French, and ESOL Endorsement Program Coordinator

Charles Elfer

Dr. Charles Elfer
Associate Professor of History and Secondary Education Program Coordinator

Marsha Hood

Ms. Marsha Hood
Field Supervisor

LaTasha Jones-Adams

Dr. LaTasha Jones-Adams
Associate Professor

Mandy Lusk

Dr. Mandy Lusk
Associate Professor

Winifred Nweke

Dr. Winifred Nweke
Professor and Assessment Director

Sharren Thomas

Dr. Sharren Thomas
Assistant Professor, Elementary Education Program Coordinator

Dmitriy Beznosko

Dr. Dmitriy Beznosko
Assistant Professor of Astronomy & Physics

Jere Boudell

Dr. Jere Boudell

Drew Brandon

Dr. Drew Brandon
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Keira Davis

Dr. Keira C. Davis
Assistant Professor 

Aubrey Dyer

Dr. Aubrey Dyer
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Clint Edmunds

Dr. Clint E. Edmunds
Assistant Professor of Biology

Michelle Furlong

Dr. Michelle Furlong
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences,  Professor of Biology

Stephen Kluzsa

Dr. Stephen Kluzsa
Assistant Professor

Christopher Kodani

Dr. Christopher Kodani
Associate Professor

Tatiana Krivosheev

Dr. Tatiana Krivosheev
Professor of Physics

Renee McFarlane

Ms. Renee McFarlane
Senior Lecturer

John Meyers

Dr. John Meyers Jr.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Paul Melvin

Dr. Paul Melvin
Chair and Professor

Barbara Musolf

Dr. Barbara Musolf
Professor Emerita

Rosann O'Neill-Perez

Dr. Rosann O’Neill-Perez
Lecturer in Chemistry

Vivian Padin-Irizarry

Dr. Vivian Padin-Irizarry
Assistant Professor

Cass Parker

Dr. Cass Parker
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Caroline Sheppard

Dr. Caroline Sheppard
Professor of Chemistry

Emily Surber

Dr. Emily Surber
Associate Professor of Science Education

Connor Wright

Dr. Connor J. Wright
Lecturer of Chemistry

Matthew Carter

Dr. Matthew Carter
Assistant Professor

Jessica Conrad

Dr. Jessica Conrad
Assistant Professor

Barbara Goodman

Dr. Barbara A. Goodman
Professor Emerita

Sara Harwood

Dr. Sara Harwood
Faculty Member

Sipai Klein

Dr. Sipai Klein

Mary Lamb

Dr. Mary R. Lamb
Professor and Chair

Dmitriy Beznosko

Dr. Michael Lindsay
Associate Professor

Jennifer Parrott

Dr. Jennifer M. Parrott
Associate Professor

Matthew Sansbury

Dr. Matthew Sansbury
Assistant Professor

Patricia Smith

Dr. Patricia A. Smith
Professor, Director of MALS program

Kavita Surya

Dr. Kavita Surya
Assistant Professor

Richard Bell

Dr. Richard Bell
Associate Professor of Music, emeritus

Virginia Bonner

Dr. Virginia Bonner
Professor of Film Studies

Shawn Bulloch

Dr. Shawn Bulloch
Lecturer in Film Production

Annalisa Chang

Dr. Annalisa Chang
Assistant Professor of Music Education

Jason Guthrie

Dr. Jason Guthrie
Assistant Professor of Communications

Jonathan Harris

Mr. Jonathan Harris
Professor of Film Production, and Department Chair

Francisca Maxwell

Dr. Francisca Maxwell
Lecturer in Music

Mark May

Dr. Mark May
Associate Professor of Communications

Michiko Otaki

Dr. Michiko Otaki
Professor of Music

Steve Spence

Dr. Steve Spence
Professor of Media Studies

Shontelle Thrash

Ms. Shontelle Thrash
Professor and Director of Theatre

Derrick Vanmeter

Mr. Derrick Vanmeter
Assistant Professor of Theatre

Sean Vogt

Dr. Sean Vogt
Director of Choral Activities

Carolyn Walcott

Dr. Carolyn Walcott
Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Studies

Mark Watson

Dr. Mark Watson
Associate Professor of Art History

Alan Xie

Mr. Alan Xie
Professor of Art

Kurt-Alexander Zeller

Dr. Kurt-Alexander Zeller
Professor of Music

Benjamin L. Buckley

Dr. Benjamin L. Buckley
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

David Gilbert

Dr. David Gilbert
Professor of History

Randall Gooden

Dr. Randall S. Gooden
Professor of History

Alexander Hall

Dr. Alexander W. Hall
Professor of Philosophy, Director University Honor's Program

Todd Janke

Dr. Todd D. Janke
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Joe Johnson

Dr. Joe Johnson
Assistant Dean of Arts & Sciences and Professor of World Languages

Andrew Kurt

Dr. Andrew P. Kurt
Associate Professor of History

Sanjay Lal

Dr. Sanjay Lal
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Marko Maunula

Dr. Marko H. Maunula
Professor of History

Kenja Mccray

Dr. Kenja R. McCray
Assistant Professor of History

Dennis Miller

Dr. Dennis R. Miller
Associate Professor of Spanish

Jackson Schwartz

Dr. Jackson Schwartz
Lecturer in Philosophy

Adam Tate

Dr. Adam Tate
Professor of History, Department Chair

Rosario Maria Vickery

Dr. Rosario Maria Vickery
Associate Professor of Spanish

Christopher Ward

Dr. Christopher Ward
Professor of History

Carol White

Dr. Carol L. White
Professor of History


Christie Burton

Dr. Christie Burton
Professor for the BAS program

Xueyu Cheng

Dr. Xueyu Cheng
Associate Professor for the BAS program

Shannon Cochran

Dr. Shannon Cochran
Professor of English

Jason Davis

Dr. Jason Davis
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Department Chair

Elnora Farmer

Ms. Elnora Farmer
Lecturer, BAS Program Coordinator

Vangela Humphries

Ms. Vangela Humphries
Senior Lecturer and Liberal Studies Coordinator - Integrative Studies Program 

Bryan LaBrecque

Dr. Bryan T. LaBrecque
Associate Professor for BAS program

Michael Lindsay

Dr. Michael Lindsay
Associate Professor of English

Sheryne Southard

Dr. Sheryne Southard
Professor of Legal Studies

Catherine Deering

Dr. Catherine Deering
Professor, Faculty Marshal

Donielle M. Fagan

Dr. Donielle M. Fagan
Associate Professor

Erica Gannon

Dr. Erica Gannon
Associate Professor

Nichelle Gause

Dr. Nichelle Gause
Senior Lecturer and Director of Masters of Clinical/Counseling Psychology

Brian Goldman

Dr. Brian Goldman
Associate Professor

Christina Grange

Dr. Christina Grange
Associate Professor

Pinar Gurkas

Dr. Pinar Gurkas
Associate Professor

Charlie Harris

Dr. Charlie Harris
Associate Professor

Samuel Maddox

Dr. Samuel Maddox
Associate Professor and Internship Coordinator

Antoinette Miller

Dr. Antoinette Miller
Professor and Chair

J. Celeste Walley-Jean

Dr. J. Celeste Walley-Jean
Dean of Graduate Studies and Inclusive Engagement and Professor

Eckart Werther

Dr. Eckart Werther
Associate Professor

Andrea Allen

Dr. Andrea Allen
Associate Professor of Criminology

Augustine Ayuk

Dr. Augustine Ayuk
Professor of Political Science

Rodger Bates

Dr. Rodger Bates
Professor of Sociology

Kevin Demmitt

Dr. Kevin Demmitt
Professor of Sociology

Nayab Hakim

Dr. Nayab Hakim
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Antoinette France-Harris

Dr. Antoinette France-Harris
Associate Professor of Legal Studies

Lisa Holland-Davis

Dr. Lisa Holland-Davis
Associate Professor of Sociology

Taralyn Keese

Ms. Taralyn Keese
Senior Lecturer in Sociology

LaKeisha Levy

Dr. LaKeisha N. Levy
Lecturer of Political Science and Public Administration

Joshua Meddaugh

Dr. Joshua Meddaugh
Associate Professor of Political Science, Department Chair

Nasser Momayezi

Dr. Nasser Momayezi
Professor of Political Science, Dean College of Arts & Sciences

Mara Mooney

Dr. Mara Mooney
Professor of Legal Studies

David Pena

Mr. David Peña
Lecturer in Political Science

Leah Pieper

Dr. Leah Pieper
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Administration

Kayla Stanford

Dr. Kayla Stanford
Lecturer in Political Science

Karen Young

Dr. Karen Beasley Young
Professor of Sociology