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AY 2021-22

Applicant Research/Grant Title Funds Awarded
Dmitriy Beznosko (Chemistry & Physics) Equipment: For PHYS 2211L/1111L to apply for
continuous development ALG grant
Xueyu Cheng (Interdisciplinary Studies) Research supplies: Oxidative stress markers in Daphnia magna $1000.00
Kiera Davis (Biology) Professional Development: Publication of manuscript linking prostate cancer and metabolism in CRISPR-Cas9 edited cells $1,000.00
Kiera Davis (Biology) Equipment: “Laboratory Data Hub" $900.00
Kiera Davis (Biology) Research supplies: Development of
research laboratory with Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Stephen Klusza (Biology) Research supplies: Establishment of Dietary Impact Research Program
for Biology Undergraduate Research
Tatiana Krivosheev (Chemistry & Physics) Equipment: Accessories for the X-Ray Apparatus to be Used in
Physics Laboratories and Research
Andrew Kurt (Humanities) Research supplies: Books $1,000.00
John Myers (Chemistry & Physics) Research supplies: Increasing student learning by designing
an experiment for the inorganic chemistry laboratory
Fran Norflus (Biology) Travel (virtual) & training: NABT and ASMCUE conferences $1,000.00

Vivian Padín-Irizarry (Biology)

Research supplies: Oxidative stress markers in Daphnia magna $1,000.00
Ann Showalter (Biology) Research supplies: Exploring the ecology of oxidative stress in Daphnia
Michael Sitvarin (Biology) Research supplies: How spiders perceive their world: disentangling tactile and chemical senses $1,000.00
Steve Pence (Chemistry & Physics) Equipment: To support Game Studies research and teaching $1,000.00
Sharren Thomas (Teacher Education) Research supplies: PA-GACE Training for Pre-Service Candidates $1,000.00
Winifred Nweke (Teacher Education) Conference presentations: Georgia Educational Research Association (GERA) and Georgia Council of Teachers of English (GCTE) $1,000.00
  Total $14,879.56