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Financial Aid Resources and Consumer Information

CRRSAA HEERF II Grant Final Report

Tuition and Fee Schedule for Clayton State University

Wondering what grades you need to bring up your GPA? Then check out this Raise Your GPA calculator.

Visit the GAfutures website for one-stop information in regard to Georgia colleges, financial aid, HOPE, and much more!

Check out the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program website for information on Clayton State's loan program.

The Student Guide is a link to the Department of Education. This is an excellent resource for gaining a better understanding of the types of federal aid which are available to students at Clayton State University.

Selective Service System - Almost all male U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 to 25 are required to register for Selective Service. Some non-US male citizens are required to register also. Additional information can be found at this site.

NASFAA has helpful information regarding financial aid.