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eCore Testing

Fall 2023-Schedule

The Testing Center is located at Clayton State - East in 121 Arbor Hall, 5823 Trammell Road, Morrow, GA 30260 View the map.

Schedule your Fall eCore exams at Clayton State University through D2L. With this process, you will be registered with both eCore and Clayton State University.

The testing fee for each exam is $20, payable with a credit or debit card at Clayton State University at the time of the exam. Effective immediately the Testing Center will no longer accept cash as a form of payment.

Allow approximately 2 hours for each exam. If you are taking more than one exam you must register each exam at least 2 hours apart.

eCore Testing Dates/Times for Fall 2023

Short Session I

Midterm Dates-9/3/2023 thru 9/9/2023, Final Dates-10/4/2023 thru 10/7/2023

Full Session

Midterm Dates-9/29/2023 thru 10/6/2023, Final Dates-11/30/2023 thru 12/5/2023

Short Session II

Midterm Dates-10/27/2023 thru 11/1/2023, Final Dates-11/30/2023 thru 12/5/2023