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Business Elevator Pitch

Registration Deadline

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  1. Identify problem, unmet need.
  2. Explain solution: its benefits; why it's better than what's available now; and its inventiveness.
  3. Explain market: target market, size of market, and competitors.
  4. Explain financial information: costs, time to break-even, to profit.
  5. Present effectively (clarity, enthusiasm, body language).
  6. Have a call to action: specify the purpose of the pitch, what he/she wants.
  7. Answer judges' questions.

The maximum time allowed for the business elevator pitch is two minutes.  After the pitch, judges will then be given the opportunity to ask the “pitchers” questions during a short question and answer period.

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Fourth Place:

Maps and Directions

View maps and directions to the Clayton State University campus.

Competition Location

The Business Elevator Pitch Competition will be held in TBA.

What is a business elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch quickly presents key information about a business idea regarding a product or service during the span of an elevator ride. Its intent is to encourage a potential investor to pursue the opportunity further.

Examples of Business Elevator Pitches

What is a Business Elevator Pitch?        
  Rocket Pitch
Cocktail Pitch   Inspiring Pitch
  1 Minute Pitch  

Congratulations 2018 Winners!

1st place: Katy Bell, Clayton State University 2nd place: Jhavaun Green, Clayton State University 3rd place: Diane Miller, Georgia State University 4th place: Aiesha Daniel, Clayton State University