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Clayton State students have indomitable spirit and a strong work ethic. They’re civic-minded and passionate. And we want to help them make their dreams real because we believe wholeheartedly that they are the leaders of tomorrow. But we can’t do it without you, the leaders of today.

With the hiring and internship opportunities you can provide, our students find crucial, real-world experience and the careers they’ll dedicate their lives to. In turn, you will find that our students have an exceptional set of skills they can contribute to your organization—and that you’ve joined a thriving community of other professionals who have partnered with Clayton State to invest in their businesses by investing in the future.

What our students bring to the table

Our students have plenty of knowledge, and they know how to use it. After all, they’re enthusiastic learners who have worked under the guidance of award-winning faculty. When they aren’t in class, they’re out in the community, putting that knowledge to work in practical, real-world settings with volunteer and experiential-learning positions. And that’s the highly engaged, rigorously prepared employee that will come to your organization every day.

Check out our points of pride to learn more about us and our amazing students!

Meet the professionals of the future

Maybe you have full- or part-time positions to fill. Maybe your organization needs a good, reliable intern. Or maybe you’re interested in introducing new talent to the work you love and growing your network. Whatever your goal, we have a professional event you can attend.

You can reserve a booth at one of our career fairs, hold on-campus interviews, and even arrange an employer information session to help interested students learn about what you do and how they can be a part of it.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us. We’re happy to help!

Post a job on Laker CareerZone

Have a job or internship that would be perfect for a Clayton State student? You can post it on Laker CareerZone, our job board. All you have to do is register, sign in, and start posting that great opportunity!

Get started with Laker CareerZone!

Partner with us

When public universities and the business sector work together—supporting one another, celebrating each other’s success—that’s when real impact happens. That’s when great communities become exemplary. And that’s exactly what our Corporate Partners program is dedicated to maintaining in the metro area and the state of Georgia at large.

Our corporate partners are innovative, forward-thinking professionals who invest not only in their businesses but in the community, by providing our students professional opportunities that will launch their futures. In turn, they receive such benefits as increasing their brand visibility, having access to Clayton State’s president and administration, and more.

Read the Corporate Partners brochure to learn more