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Readmission Appeal Guidelines

Readmission Appeal After Suspension/Dismissal

Students seeking readmission to Clayton State University after an academic suspension or dismissal must complete the appeal process in its entirety. Appeals will be considered only if you sat out from Clayton State University for the required length of time. Students on academic suspension must sit out one semester. Students on academic dismissal must sit out one year (3 semesters).

Once the suspension/dismissal period has elapsed, you must complete the following:

  1. Submit an application for readmission. The application can be completed in person in the Registrar's Office (Edgewater Hall suite 239) or online via the Online Readmission Application.
  2. Complete the Readmission Appeal Form and submit it to the Registrar's Office with your letter of appeal (see number 3) and supporting documentation (see number 4) attached.
  3. Compose an appeal letter according to the directions found on the Readmission Appeal Form and attach it to your appeal form.
  4. Include any supporting documentation you may have. If applicable, you may include letters from faculty, advisors, or others who may be able to provide information to support your appeal. Attach all documentation to your appeal form.
  5. Submit any additional required materials listed on the Readmission page.

All documents must be received by the application deadline for the semester for which readmission is sought. Incomplete appeal packets will not be reviewed by the Readmission Appeal Committee. If you miss the published deadline, you will need to submit an application and appeal for the next available term.  


July 15

Final deadline for Aug. admission


November 15

Final deadline for Jan. admission


April 15

Final deadline for May admission

Once you have submitted all required documentation, your appeal will be reviewed by the Readmission Appeal Committee. The committee considers all the information you provide and examines your academic history from Clayton State University and any other colleges/universities you have attended. If you currently are enrolled at another school, the appeal committee must receive a final, official transcript from that institution before a decision can be reached.

The decision of the committee will be communicated to you in a letter mailed to the address you provide on your readmission appeal form. The decision of the committee is considered final.