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Time Tickets

Clayton State University uses time tickets to manage access to registration. The time ticket indicates the day on which a student is able to begin registering for classes. Students may view their assigned time tickets by logging into the DUCK.

Spring 2021 Time Tickets (start times are 8:00 a.m.)

Graduate Students and Special Populations* -- Monday, October 12

Seniors -- Monday, October 12

Juniors -- Tuesday, October 13

Sophomores -- Wednesday, October 14

Freshmen -- Thursday, October 15

Transients -- Monday, November 9

Senior Citizens and TAP -- Monday, November 30


How Are Time Tickets Assigned?

Time tickets are assigned according to the following:

Day One: Seniors (90 hours or more of earned credit), graduate students, and special populations*

Day Two: Juniors (60-89 hours of earned credit)

Day Three: Sophomores (30-59 hours of earned credit)

Day Four: Freshmen (0-29 hours of earned credit)

Assigned dates will be allotted for transient students, students requesting to attend via the 62 or Older Program, and TAP students. Please refer to the Clayton State academic calendar for these dates each term.

*Special populations include students in the Clayton State honors program, student athletes, veterans who are registered with the Veteran's Resource Center, and students with approved disabilities.