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Third-Party Billing

What is Third-Party Billing? (TPPY) Third-party billing is the process in which Clayton State University bills an outside organization (third party) for a student’s tuition and/or fees. Third-party billing requires that Clayton State submits an invoice to the organization before the remittance of payment. If you are expecting a third-party organization to pay your tuition and/or fees, please view the information below:

Student Responsibilities As a third-party student, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Contact us before the semester begins to let us know you’re a sponsored student.  A billing authorization from your sponsor must be received at least two weeks prior to the fee payment deadline. If we do not have your authorization on file by the deadline, we cannot guarantee that your classes will not be dropped for non-payment.
  • Provide your sponsor with the correct Student Account contact information for emailing/mailing an authorization to bill (see below):
    • Pay any charges not covered by your sponsor by the fee payment deadline to avoid being dropped from your classes for non-payment.
    • Log into the SWAN and check your student account balance regularly in the DUCK.  If your sponsored charges have not been paid, either we did not receive the billing authorization, it is incomplete, or it has not yet been processed.  For any questions or concerns please email:

Billing Authorization We must have a billing authorization from your sponsor on file. An authorization letter or voucher on your sponsor’s letterhead, including the original signature of an official authorized to obligate payment by the company/organization:

  • Be written in English and on the sponsor’s official letterhead.
  • The authorization letter or voucher must itemize the type of fees and charges that the sponsor will be responsible for like tuition, housing, house-parking, mandatory fees (and health insurance, for international students only). The most up-to-date fee information can be found on the Tuition & Fee page.
  • Stipulate the exact begin and end dates of the period for which the sponsor will pay the student’s charges (note: if the sponsor wishes to continue payment after the end date, the sponsor must submit a new Authorization). The voucher will only be valid for one academic year. Your sponsor must submit a voucher each academic year in order to continue the authorization process.
  • Indicate the student’s full name and Laker ID.
  • Indicate the name, billing address and telephone number and email address of the contact person at the company/organization that is responsible for payment.

Conditional Credit Upon receipt of a valid billing authorization, the Bursar’s Office will apply a conditional credit to the sponsored student’s account at the fee payment deadline. After the add/drop period, the Bursar's Office will bill the sponsored student's tuition and fees that are authorized . Students whose sponsor did not authorize full payment of all tuition and fees are responsible for paying all un-sponsored charges by the fee payment deadline. Students whose sponsor fails to pay the authorized charges within 60 days from when they are billed will have their conditional credit reversed and be billed for the unpaid charges. A financial hold and late fees may be placed on the student’s account until the balance is paid in full. Students are encouraged to remain in contact with their sponsor until the terms of the billing authorization have been met.

If you are a third-party student that is one of the following additional responsibilities are required, please select the appropriate link for additional information:

AmeriCorps is a national service program designed to connect Americans in intense service to meet critical community needs in education, environment, public safety, disaster preparedness and other human needs. If you are interested in using your educational scholarship award, please remit an email to to inform us at least two weeks before the fee payment deadline and complete educational scholarship award request via the My AmeriCorps portal.

Please note educational scholarship requests for tuition and fees must cover all tuition and fee balances or ensure that all remaining balances are set up on the Nelnet payment plan or paid in full by the fee payment deadline. Requests for living expenses will be processed until the mid-point of the semester. Requests received after the midpoint of the semester will be credited towards the next semester.

If you are a Clayton State Athlete on scholarship, please ensure any remaining balances after your scholarship is credited to your student account are set up on the Nelnet payment plan or paid by the fee payment deadline Athletes with account balances will not be exempt from the fee payment deadline. This includes ensuring any applicable waivers for the required health insurance are completed timely.

If you are a GEICO corporate sponsored student upon receipt of approval from GEICO please contact the Enrollment Management and Academic Success office to receive the GEICO promissory note. Return completed promissory note to and remit your down payment to your student account by logging into the DUCK or remitting payment in person at the Bursar’s Office. Please note the following concerning GEICO corporate sponsor contract:

  • Financial Aid Awards (Title IV)- All title IV financial aid grant funding will be applied towards tuition and fee charges first. This includes Pell, HOPE, SEOG funding.
  • To be eligible students must make a “C” or better in the registered approved course. Any course in which a “C” or better is not received is not eligible for corporate billing. Tuition charges of the course(s) will be reassessed to the student account, a financial hold and late fees may be placed on the student’s account until the balance is paid in full. Any future semester registrations are subject to cancellation for non-payment.

MGIB Post 911, VA Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31), US Reserve/National Guard Tuition Assistance (TA) please see below:

  • Post 911 GI Bill (Chapter 33) - Contact Veterans Affairs in the Financial Aid Office to ensure your most recent Certificate of Eligibility is on file. Post 911 GI Bill benefits, distributed to the school, does not cover the mandatory parking fee, late fees, meal plan, nor housing charges. Please ensure that all remaining tuition (if you are less than 100% eligible) and fees (including the parking fee) are remitted by the fee payment deadline.
    • Post 911 GI Bill students receiving HOPE scholarship- please ensure to notify Veteran Affairs in the Financial Aid Office if you are eligible for HOPE. The receipt of a HOPE award can affect the remittance of payment from the VA and result in funds having to be repaid to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
    • Post 911 GI Bill students charging housing/meal plan charges with the intent of using your monthly stipend- you must still resolve these balances by setting up the Nelnet Payment Plan or remitting payment in full by the fee payment deadline. Failure to do so can result in your registration being cancelled due to non-payment.
  • VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (Chapter 31)- Please ensure that a current semester's VA Form 28-1905 is remitted to the Veterans Affairs in the Financial Aid Office. 
  • US Reserve/National Guard Tuition Assistance (TA)- all tuition assistance authorizations must be completed 10 days prior to the beginning of the semester. If you are using tuition assistance benefits please contact the Bursar’s Office by email to let us know you are using tuition assistance at least two weeks prior to the fee payment deadline. Please ensure that the Application for Waiver of Mandatory Fees has been submitted to the Veterans Resource Center, and that all course specific fee balances are paid by the fee payment deadline.  Please be mindful that VA Educational benefits cannot simultaneously be used for courses that Tuition Assistance is applied to. 

Please remit up to date financial guarantee via email to SACM does not pay the mandatory parking fee. Please ensure the parking fee is paid by the fee payment deadline. SACM does not permit registration of online/hybrid courses without prior authorization. If you are registering for an online/hybrid course(s), please ensure to get an online financial guarantee from SACM and remit to the Bursar’s Office at least two weeks prior to the fee payment deadline.

If you are a student anticipating using any 529K plan or an outside scholarship award please submit a copy of the award letter to the email account to inform us of the receipt of the scholarship. Please ensure your scholarship provider has received the correct mailing address to remit payment. Payment information should include your name, Laker Id number, semester to be applied, and refund eligibility.

Upon receipt of the funds the Bursar’s Office will notify the Financial Aid office of the award and the financial aid office will disburse funds to your student account. Any credit balances will be processed in a refund within 14 days of the credit applying to your student account.