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TouchNet MarketPlace

MarketPlace is a comprehensive framework for eCommerce throughout the campus enterprise. Departments, campus organizations, and other campus merchants use Marketplace to easily create, manage, and operate online storefronts, registration sites, and secure payment pages. With unlimited eStorefront capacity, a flexible product database, and an integrated inventory management system, Marketplace enables every campus merchant to quickly and easily offer products and services around the clock with minimal training.

TouchNet is a contributing member of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and is committed to the highest standards in safeguarding sensitive cardholder data. TouchNet is the only Higher Education focused commerce provider to be certified as both PCI DSS and PA-DSS compliant. More than 700 colleges and universities rely on TouchNet to automate, integrate, and secure campus commerce transactions. They are a trusted partner with Banner and the system is fully integrated so that payments from your students or customers are transferred directly from the bank to your accounts. They are truly the gold standard when it comes to security in the campus commerce community.

Please take a look at the Clayton State University (CSU) Virtual MarketPlace Mall for examples for what we can do for you!

Why Use MarketPlace?

Limit Need for IT Resources

Reduce your dependence on scarce IT resources. MarketPlace offers non-technical users an easy way to create and customize online departmental websites.

Flexible-Use Stores

Support a wide variety of online commerce activities across campus, from tickets, events, and continuing education to conferences, merchandise, and more.

Institutional Branding

Tailor web pages to meet the look and feel requirements of departmental branding.

Centralized Reconciliation

View reports online, on demand for all stores and payment pages across multiple department merchants.

Compliant Payment Processing

Provide secure, PA-DSS compliant payment processing for any web-based application, moving campus-wide payments into one centralized, certified payment application. TouchNet is fully certified with the latest cardholder information security standards, including both the Payment Applications Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). All components of TouchNet UCommerce have been certified as PA-DSS compliant.


Single Checkout

Use one shopping cart and a single checkout for purchases from multiple stores.


Online sales event registrations, continuing education, memberships, parking passes, merchandise, library fines, athletic tickets, study abroad programs, and much more.

Customer Storefronts

Customize individual stores to meet each department's needs: Branded style sheets, messages/wording, images, layouts, pricing, promotions, etc.

Store Promotions

Provide users with promotional codes to offer dollar-amount or percentage discounts over a specified time period.

Update Finance Systems

Feed transactions directly to Banner indices and assign codes to individual stores, products or sites.


Universal Payments

Provide secure payments for the wide range of websites and applications found on campus.


Remove payment data from existing campus applications for greater transaction security and easier compliance reporting.

Recurring Payments

Ability to initiate recurring payments that complement business needs.